Maps, Walks, and Sit Spots for all Learners (and teachers too!)

This session will cover the benefits  of  the routines of Mapping, Walking, and Sit Spots for all learners in support of cross curricular learning, place led pedagogy, and in the spirit of reciprocity and reconciliation, attempting wholeheartedly to consider Indigenous perspectives in all aspects of planning for these routines. I will also briefly touch personally on how I value  this type of work for the consideration of teacher wellness, particularly during a pandemic. Sample texts and activities in support of this type of work will also be highlighted in our time together.


10:45 AM - 12:00 PM

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  • Independent
    Alexa Charles

    Hi! I'm Alexa Charles! I am a teacher in school district 43 Coquitlam. I co-chair our local Environmental Educators' local specialist association. I have a passion for learning and playing outdoors and lead my practice with place led pedagogy and a deep love of the forest.