Taking Care of the Heart through Nature, Play, and Connection

We all need to be affected by our world. Yet how do we not get crushed by the magnitude of environmental collapse and devastation?
Workshop participants will explore hands-on nature connection practices in community. I developed practices and resources for all to connect to the Earth as a source of energy, awe, and inspiration. These chaotic times are calling educators into a new way of holding space and creating safety in a wounding world. Through capacity building and sharing stories, you’ll learn how to find sanctuary and nurture much more than resilience. What's needed is perseverance.


1:00 PM - 3:15 PM

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    Lindsay Coulter

    Lindsay Coulter is a naturalist, writer, facilitator, community builder, and former David Suzuki’s Queen of GreenTM. To help foster a deep connection with our living world she coaches, mentors, and educates youth and teachers. She’s the Director of Community, Culture and Communications at EPIC nature school.