Voice of the River - Youth's Connection to the Watershed

Hop on board and head downstream with youth from across the Columbia Basin and discover how this place-based, experiential education river journey influenced their environmental attitudes and values in relation to the watershed they call home.  Can you create similar learning experiences for your students? Join to find out!


2:15 PM - 3:15 PM

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  • Independent
    Sanne van der Ros

    Sanne van der Ros developed a deep care for the health of watersheds through her paddling explorations around the world over the decades. As a final research project for her Master's in Environmental Education and Communications from Royal Roads University, it was a natural fit to feature youth on a two-week educational field course in a video story that showcases this unique place-based, experiential education program.
    The other facilitators (if present), Monica, Graeme, Ali, Grace, and Roger, are the trip leaders, educators, guides, and coordinators of the field course program by Wildsight called Columbia River Field School.