Invitation to Put on a New Pair of Glasses: Creating a Physical & VIrtual Space to Work towards Decolonizing our Conversations in Education

Focused on engaging with a different perspective, participants will try see through wild woman’s eyes in this session. An invitation to begin to cross the bridges of knowing from Western to an Indigenous perspective will be offered through engagement with two gifts and through storytelling.


1:00 PM - 3:15 PM

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  • Sierra Club BC
    kQwa’st’not Charlene George

    kQwa’st’not~Charlene George is a band member of the tSouk nation, a cultural guide for SCBC, active in her local cultural community and has recently completed her MA.  As part of completing her master’s Seeing Through Watcher’s Eyes was given ‘life’.  kQwa’st’not observes that change or transformation is not easy or comfortable for most. However, this work is imperative to our collective ability to survive and thrive. After all, we are all in one canoe and together we will journey well or capsize.  She notes that NONU WEL,WEL TI,Á NE TȺ,EÈ»EȽ — our canoe is really tippy as we try to journey together, so we must strive to better balance our relationship with each other, Western and Indigenous knowledge systems, and ways of knowing. This is a process that can be difficult and requires hard work, an open mind, humility and willingness to change.