Place-Based Learning in a Pandemic: Hybrid Approaches to Facilitating High-Impact Experiences

With the global pandemic, teachers are being challenged to teach online, face-to-face or both. How can we virtually facilitate high-impact, place-based learning experiences with our students? What practices might be most effective and which tools can support these approaches? Join us in this online and outdoor session, as we connect with nearby places and people around us in search of a balance of practices.

To Bring/Important Notes

- A handheld electronic device

- A journal* & writing implement (*or paper & clipboard)

- A selection of coloured pencil crayons

- Optional: a piece of string approx. 3m long, an empty picture frame, a sit pad

- Optional: download iNaturalist app on your mobile device (free on google play or apple app store). More info about this app: 

Thank you!


10:30 AM - 12:14 PM

This session is full.


  • UBC Faculty of Education
    Yvonne Dawydiak

    Yvonne is a long time teacher passionate about taking learning outside the confines of the classroom - both ‘in place’ and ‘virtually’. As a Teacher Educator and Masters of Educational Technology graduate, Yvonne is currently the Learning Design Manager in Teacher Education at UBC helping to support faculty and teacher candidates in effectively integrating 21st Century approaches including digital technology integration for face-to-face, online and remote learning contexts. 

  • UBC Faculty of Education
    Teresa Rowley

    Teresa is an outdoor learning teacher with North Vancouver School District, and an adjunct teaching professor and faculty advisor working with teacher candidates in the Education for Sustainability cohort at UBC. Definitely not a techie, Teresa has been ruminating on simple ways educators can utilize technology to enhance place-based learning experiences.

  • UBC Faculty of Education
    Patrick Robertson

    Patrick is a teacher educator and educational consultant working collaboratively with a wide range of partners in B.C. and Canada. He teaches in the Faculty of Education at the University of British Columbia and is a director of various community organizations focused on place, sustainability, social justice, climate and the environment. Patrick is the current Chair of the Classrooms to Communities Education Network.