Making the Case for ‘Curriculum for Bioregions’: Possibilities and Digital Curriculum Tools for the PNW

FLIP THE MAP! is a series of digital curriculum resources that encourage creative interactions with cartography (mapping) as a means for understanding the land/place we live. ‘Flip the map!’ presents a series of maps and mapping exercises that, together, work as a flexible curriculum-tool that educators can use to generate place-based curricular activities and pedagogical practices for a range of subjects and disciplines. Dr. Cary Campbell  and Marion Benkaiouche of the Group (multimodal research) present and review the context of 'curriculum for bioregion' movements and the specific aims, functions, possibilities and limitations of this type of curriculum tool through an interactive presentation


1:00 PM - 2:00 PM

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  • Simon Fraser University
    Cary Campbell

    Dr. Cary Campbell is a teacher, musician, and interdisciplinary educational researcher. He holds a PhD in Education from SFU and is currently a lecturer in the Faculty of Education. His published research has mostly centred on developing ecologically-informed approaches for learning theory and pedagogy. Cary also teaches music and plays guitar in several bands/projects.

  • Simon Fraser University
    Marion Benkaiouche

    Marion Benkaiouche is the founder and Director of Development at The Group (multimodal research), an education think-tank founded in 2018. She also has a background expertise in IT and information architecture and is a consultant within the non-profit and for-profit sectors. Additionally, Marion is a fiction writer and writes book reviews  for subTerrain Magazine.