Teach the Columbia: A Curriculum Resource for our Watershed

Wildsight invites educators to learn with us, about the Columbia River watershed, with our  recently-completed curriculum resource.  ‘Teach the Columbia’ offers cross-curricular lessons and ideas for high school and college classroom and outdoor learning on topics including watershed geography, Indigenous peoples , ecology and hydrology, ecosystem services, salmon, dams and hydroelectricity, politics and governance, and youth empowerment.


10:45 AM - 12:00 PM

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  • Wildsight
    Ali Giesbrecht

    All presenters are trip leaders, educators, guides, and coordinators of the field course program by Wildsight called Columbia River Field School.

  • Grace Broadfoot
  • Monica Nissen

    Wildsight’s Teach the Columbia team also runs Columbia River Field School (CRFS) - an accredited high school course. For info: www.wildsight.ca/fieldschool.
    Monica Nissen: Wildsight Education Director
    Graeme Lee Rowlands: CRFS Program Coordinator
    Grace Broadfoot: Award winning SD8 teacher
    Ali Geisbrecht: CRFS alumna and youth intern

  • Graeme Lee Rowlands