Suppose Your Mother Was a Redbird: Nourishing Your Wild Beauty

Come to your senses! Attune, reflect, imagine and play! Let the trees and rivers whisper their secrets. See yourself more clearly through nature’s magical and reflective mirrors. Wild kin become much needed teachers as we remember and embody natural rhythms and become more earth-like. Let wild poetic beauty take flight!

To Bring/Important Notes

Please have ready some paper or a journal and a pen or pens and be prepared to spend some time outside!


10:45 AM - 12:00 PM

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  • Royal Roads University
    Hilary Leighton

    A lifelong apprentice to nature and psyche, Dr. Hilary Leighton is associate professor at Royal Roads University and an eco-psychotherapist in private practice. Her scholarship reflects the ethical dilemma, suffering and loss of our relationships with wildness and contemplates learning as an initiatory journey toward maturation and soulful belonging.

  • Royal Roads University SD 63 (Saanich), EEPSA
    Chloe Faught

    Chloe Faught: I am a secondary school science and social studies teacher in the Saanich School District currently working at SIDES. I recently completed my M.A at Royal Roads University, writing my thesis on my experience building a collaborative environmental teacher community in Victoria, BC through the Salish Sea EEPSA Chapter.

    A mother, secondary school science and social studies teacher, Chloe Faught MA- Environmental Education & Communication, holds sacred the power of poetic voice for making connections with Self and World. President of the Salish Sea EEPSA Chapter, she’s keen to bring more “wildness'' to school for both students and educators.