Finding Power and Hope Through Environmental Collaboration: The EEPSA Chapter Model

If you've ever felt like THE lone 'environmental' teacher in your school or region, you are not alone! Come explore how the EEPSA local chapter model brings teachers together through the facilitators experiences working in local chapters and the stories of hope and power that have emerged. Learn to set or find a local chapter in your community and discuss how we can all become a collective force for change.


2:15 PM - 3:15 PM

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  • Royal Roads University SD 63 (Saanich), EEPSA
    Chloe Faught

    Chloe Faught: I am a secondary school science and social studies teacher in the Saanich School District currently working at SIDES. I recently completed my M.A at Royal Roads University, writing my thesis on my experience building a collaborative environmental teacher community in Victoria, BC through the Salish Sea EEPSA Chapter.

    A mother, secondary school science and social studies teacher, Chloe Faught MA- Environmental Education & Communication, holds sacred the power of poetic voice for making connections with Self and World. President of the Salish Sea EEPSA Chapter, she’s keen to bring more “wildness'' to school for both students and educators.


  • SD 36 (Surrey), EEPSA
    Selina Metcalfe

    Selina began her career in summer camps in the Howe Sound, teaching backcountry leadership skills to street-affected youth for the Boys and Girls Club.   As a secondary English and Social Studies teacher in the Surrey School District for over 20 years, she has had a passion for connecting students to the places that inform them, and aspires to use the curriculum to help students understand their relationship to the land. Selina has recently been a Faculty Associate for the SEEDs (Sustainability Education in an Environment of Diversity) module of PDP at SFU. As president of EEPSA for ten years, she worked to establish Local Chapters across the province, and currently acts as the coordinator of those groups. She has delivered professional development to teachers and student teachers on a wide range of topics related to outdoor, place-based and environmental learning. Selina and her family currently live in Burnaby and Rossland.