Learning on the Land/Water: Territory, Culture, Community and K-12 Curriculum

Discuss challenges, promising practices, lessons learned in integrating on-the-land/water learning as a core part of Indigenous students' education (including links to K-12 curriculum, inquiry, etc.) Share your perspectives and learn about others' experiences (e.g. the Supporting Emerging Aboriginal Stewards program on BC's Central Coast) in supporting future leaders and stewards.


1:00 PM - 2:44 PM

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  • Nature United
    Zahra Remtulla

    Zahra supports Indigenous communities in running strong and resilient youth On the Land programs. Her background is in research/program evaluation and K-12 teaching. She is grateful to have been living, learning and playing in Coast Salish territory since 2012, spending time in Nanaimo, Victoria and Vancouver (where she lives currently).

  • SEAS Coordinator for Kitasoo Community School (Klemtu, BC)
    Deanna Duncan
  • SEAS Alumni
    Roberta Duncan