Overcoming Barriers to Outdoor Play and Learning in Schools

A global body of research supporting outdoor play and learning in our schools resonates with teachers who agree that everyone has an opportunity to be the best version of themselves outdoors!  Bring your school specific challenges and barriers for outdoor play and learning to this session and we will collectively support a re-think of how they might be resolved!


1:00 PM - 3:15 PM

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  • SD 38 (Richmond)
    Megan Zeni

    Both presenters share the outdoor and garden classroom position at their elementary school. They have decades of experience teaching kids of all ages and are advocates for taking children outdoors in all kinds of weather to learn, play, and grow. They believe just about anything can be taught in a school garden, and that class time spent in nature develops empathy, resiliency, and self-regulated learning. Megan is a PhD student at UBC in curriculum & pedagogy and shares out her learning on Instagram and Twitter at @roomtoplay.

  • SD 38 (Richmond)
    Sarah Regan