A Reasonably Radical Approach to Education: Systems Thinking in Schools

How do we help our students become impactful problem solvers who can tackle complex problems like climate change and social inequality? Through systems thinking! In this interactive workshop, teachers will learn about a systems thinking mindset, tools to help students see systems and interconnectedness, and how to identify leverage points for change.


1:00 PM - 2:00 PM

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  • UBC
    Derek VanDeursen

    We are a team of three educators (Jasmine Hare, Katelyn Jmaeff & Derek Van Deursen) working in Vancouver schools. We are completing a MEd program in Education for Sustainability at UBC. Recently, we released our podcast Reasonably Radical: A Climate Change Podcast, and look forward to sharing our core philosophy of systems thinking for change!

  • UBC
    Katelyn Jmaeff
  • UBC
    Jasmine Hare