An Introduction to Place-based Education in the New Curriculum

Join us for an interactive exploration of place-based education! What are your connections to place? What is place-based education? Where does place live in the new BC curriculum? How can your teaching practices feature place as a core foundation?


11:30 AM - 12:15 PM

This session is full.


    Jonathan Dyck

    Jonathan Dyck is the President of EEPSA and a secondary teacher in Powell River, B.C. He holds undergraduate degrees in English literature and education, and a Master’s degree in curriculum and instruction, with a focus on ecological education. He endeavours to teach English and other subjects from a place-based approach, and loves what happens when he takes his students outside! Jonathan has facilitated many workshops for EEPSA and the BCTF, on topics such as language arts education, Aboriginal education, place-based learning, social media, anti-racism, and the new curriculum.

    Laura Jackman

    Laura Jackman is a born and raised Kootenay girl who lives and teaches in the Columbia Basin. She is the membership chair of both EEPSA and her local chapter.  She loves the outdoors and can usually be found hiking, biking, canoeing or snowboarding with her husband and 2 young kids. She is passionate about place based learning and can usually be found hiking around the mountain trails, teaching her primary students the names of all the local plants and animals.