Acknowledging and Repairing Relations with our Wild, Native and Medicinal Plants

Come and explore our living world and discover indigenous ways of knowing with Métis herbalist and educator Lori Snyder. As you learn to identify wild, native and medicinal plants, you come to understand the roles of these plants for food, medicine and shelter for all species. Find out how to best use plants, when to harvest, and what can be made with them. While acquiring a deeper appreciation for the plants growing around us we remember our responsibility, develop relationship, learn reciprocity, build respect and open ourselves up to reverence for our living world.


1:00 PM - 2:44 PM

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  • Earth and Company
    Lori Synder

    Lori Snyder is a descendant from the Powthan, Dakota, T’suutina, Nakota, Cree, Nipissing & Anishinaabe people mixed with European ancestry.  In 2013 Lori formed her company Earth Awareness Realized Through Health, sharing Indigenous ways of knowing of First People’s perspective on wild, edible and medical plants.  This knowledge has helped people reconnect to the wisdom of the Earth through practices that include plant identification walks, workshops on how to make the plant medicines, illustration workshops, along with consulting on native garden design.  Teaching at elementary and secondary school, Lori recently finished facilitating with Farm2School on a 2 year pilot project planting Indigenous Foodscapes on school grounds