Forest Speaks through Human: Mythopoesis as Radical (Re)pair

To listen to the voice of the Earth speak in myth and magic when our lives have become culturally overgrown and too small to develop the psychic imagination required for wise-relating and real change, is radical (re)pair. Mythopoesis, through earth-bound practices, generates meaning-making, draws forth our true natures as teacher-guides.


2:15 PM - 3:15 PM

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  • Royal Roads University
    Hilary Leighton

    A lifelong apprentice to nature and psyche, Dr. Hilary Leighton is associate professor at Royal Roads University and an eco-psychotherapist in private practice. Her scholarship reflects the ethical dilemma, suffering and loss of our relationships with wildness and contemplates learning as an initiatory journey toward maturation and soulful belonging.