Risky Play!

In this sesion,  we will discuss the definition, history, benefits and categories of Risky Play, differences between boredom and anxiety with respects to playing in FLOW, the RISK Triangle (a concept developed by Jarrett Krentzel), site assessment and risk management in regards to mitigating risks versus hazards, requirement for successful Risky Play and how to work within the requirements and regulations of licensing regarding Risky Play. Come join us for a fun and engaging presentation, where my goal is to is to raise your awareness of Risky Play and create a positive association to all of its benefits!


1:00 PM - 2:00 PM

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  • Hand-In-Hand Nature Education
    Jarrett Krentzel

    Jarrett Krentzel is the Founder/Director of Hand-In-Hand Nature Education Inc. (HIH), an outdoor educational program located in the Comox Valley and Campbell River, BC, Cananda designed to offer a unique childhood learning experience for children 2 – 17 years old. Jarrett has over 20 years of experience teaching nature education from preschools to universities in British Columbia, Yukon, New York, Oregon and California. He is a member of the BC Nature’s Education Committee, Outdoor Early Learning Association of BC, PLAY Comox Valley, Comox Valley Nature Educators, Cumberland’s Ecology of the Forest Committee and Acorn Collective. Jarrett is the co-founder of Cascadian Crusaders, co-author/publisher of a children’s illustrated environmental superhero book called The Great Plastic Round-up, former Vice President for the Comox Valley Naturalists Society and former co-leader of NatureKids BC.