BC Tomorrow – Investigating Watershed Sustainability using Interactive Technology

Look into the past, examine the future and see how today’s decisions may impact the future of our watersheds. Use BC Tomorrow’s innovative, engaging, online learning tools; give your students the ability to explore human environment and economic interactions in watersheds while examining ideas and solutions for a sustainable future!

To Bring/Important Notes

Please bring a computer. Prior to the workshop, I will send a message inviting you to login in to our simulator, create an account and run a simulation.

This will make things run smoother during the presentation. I'll send the message on Wednesday via the "send message link in the presentation conference. Thank you


1:00 PM - 2:44 PM

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  • BC Tomorrow
    Dave Ramsay

    Dave Ramsay is an experienced BC Science educator. While developing Watershed sustainability curriculum, he discovered Alberta Tomorrow's powerful three-part learning project. In collaboration with the Board of Directors, business and other educators, Dave has worked to develop BC Tomorrow for educators in BC from elementary through high school and beyond.

  • BC Tomorrow
    Karen Wilson